List of statutory rights

  When you become employed make sure you read the employment contract thoroughly before you sign it. You will have to follow the rules and conditions within the contract until it expires or until your employment comes to an end (by either your resignation or dismissal). If you have difficulties understanding your contract ask for   Read More

The National Minimum Wage

WHAT IS THE NATIONAL MINIMUM WAGE   The National Minimum Wage (NMW) is the minimum hourly rate which must be paid to workers in most sectors in the UK. If you work in the UK legally (you have permission or do not need one) it is your right to be receiving at least NMW. The   Read More

Where to report stolen passport

WHERE TO REPORT LOST OR STOLEN PASSPORT   If you do not have a British passport, you need to contact your embassy in the UK, as soon as you notice your passport gone missing. Find your embassy in the list below.  Alternatively, you will need to get a LS01 form from the Post Office or   Read More

Useful websites and Sources

For advice regarding legal matters, housing, taxes, rights, benefits please visit:   Information on volunteering:    Citizen Advice Bureau offers free independent, impartial and confidential advice on wide range of queries from housing, employment rights, discrimination etc.   The Trade Union Congress– rights at work   HM Revenue &Customs -advice and forms on   Read More

Why volunteer

VOLUNTEERING   It is an excellent idea to find volunteering work whilst looking for a paid job. Volunteering is unpaid, however some organizations offer to pay for travel or lunch expenses. WHY VOLUNTEER   Volunteering can benefit you in many ways; here are some advantages and reasons worth considering. 1. Experience: You will gain new   Read More

How to prepare for a job interview

Also featured in September online edition of ComputerLanguageWriting paper-li run by Vanessa Vaile. Going for an interview is highly stressful for most people. You can prepare yourself in advance to eliminate some of the stress and feel more confident. Always be on time or a little early. This is your chance to impress your potential   Read More

CV and Covering Letters

WHAT IS A COVER LETTER – is a letter highlighting your skills and experiences as well as pointing out why are you the most suitable candidate for the job. The most important element to highlight is that your skills match the ones required in the job description. It is basically an expansion of your CV   Read More

Where to look for help

WHERE TO LOOK FOR HELP IF I HAVE A PROBLEM WITH MY EMPLOYER   TRADE UNION (TU) TU is an organisation which negotiates better working conditions with the employer on behalf of its members. This may include better pay, promotions, unfair dismissal, benefits, health and safety issues and others. Union members are workers and employees. If you   Read More

National Insurance

NATIONAL INSURANCE (NI)   NI contributions count towards your State Pension, Maternity Alowance, Bereavement Benefit etc. In order to make National Insurance contributions, you will have to apply for a National Insurance Number (NINO).   WHAT IS NINO   An NI number acts as your personal account which keeps records of all your tax and   Read More

Income Tax

INCOME TAX   The amount of tax you are required to pay depends on your annual income and NOT on how many hours you work. At the end of each tax year you will get a P60 Form from your employer which shows how much tax and national insurance (NI) you have paid and how   Read More

What are my Obligations as a worker in the UK

If you are legally permitted to work in the UK, you will also have certain rights as well as obligations. Almost every worker in the UK is legally obliged to pay tax and national insurance. Tax deducted from your income is called the income tax. Tax is used by the Government to run the country   Read More

How to/Where to search for work

1. ONLINE The most popular way to look for employment is to search online. There are numerous sites offering services. You can upload your CV with as many sites as you wish. Once you have uploaded your CV with the site, you can then search their database of job offers and keep applying for the   Read More

Can I work legally in the UK

  In order to work in the UK legally you must have permission to work from the UK Border Agency. BREXIT: The UK voted to leave the European Union in the 23 June 2016 EU referendum. Department for Exiting the European Union. EE (European Economic Area) Citizen   If you are an EE (European Economic   Read More

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