Why volunteer




It is an excellent idea to find volunteering work whilst looking for a paid job. Volunteering is unpaid, however some organizations offer to pay for travel or lunch expenses.



Volunteering can benefit you in many ways; here are some advantages and reasons worth considering.

1. Experience: You will gain new experience that can be added to your CV. This may turn out to be extremely beneficial especially for those how have never been in employment in London. Through volunteering you may be able to get a first-hand experience in various fields . 2. Social and Language Skills: Apart from gaining work experience and learning new skills, you will also have a chance to integrate and meet new people. This will help you develop social and language skills. What is more, via volunteering you can actually find paid employment through contacts you have made or even within the company which may eventually offer you paid work. 3. References: You will also gain references which is particularly useful for people who are new to London and do not know anyone to provide them with references. Many employers will appreciate volunteering experience. It shows your enthusiasm and willingness to learn. It is always viewed in a positive way. 4. Making Friends: You will also meet new people and potentially make new friends, which is always welcomed when new to the country.


You still have to show commitment and follow the rules even though you may not be receiving any payment therefore it is advisable to pick something that you will genuinely enjoy.




In London, you can find various places that usually take on volunteers such as schools, charity shops, hospitals, ZOO, working with the homeless, elderly etc. You may have to send your CV together with a cover letter in the same way as if you were applying for a paid job. This depends on the individual company.

Finding a charity shop anywhere in London is possibly the easiest way to get into volunteering. The majority of them advertise on the shop window if they need a volunteer, usually for sorting out donations, steaming, or work on the till. Don’t be shy to just walk in and ask if they need help, your courage will be very well received. You can start by helping just for a few hours a week.

Volunteering in London is highly popular and when chosen wisely it will certainly benefit you.

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