Where to study English/Language Schools



In London, language schools are situated pretty much on every corner of every street. Language schools offer various courses at different levels. These courses vary in price, quality of teaching, length of the course, final exams. These are also some of the main things you might want to consider before you enrol.


Language schools generally offer;

• Business English,

• General English

• Conversational English courses.

Courses may last from a few weeks right up to six months or even a year. You can study in the morning, afternoon or take evening classes. You can also choose between part-time or full time course. If you do not require a certificate at the end of your course there are many colleges that offer free English courses. If you do want to take an exam at the end of your course, look for a college which will offer quality teaching focused on exam practice.

If you want to study English in order to get into higher education in the UK or for career purposes, you are going to need a certificate to prove your progress. Saying so, you may just want to improve English for communication purposes. Whatever the reasons, it is a good idea to visit a language school. Not only will you improve your English, but you will meet new people from across the world. You will make new friends and you can speak to people who are in a similar situation as yourself.


What is FURTHER and HIGHER education

Further education is education received after the compulsory primary and secondary school.
Higher education refers to the education received at universities, colleges or academies.



It is highly recommended that you take an English exam as many employers and educational institutions require proof of your English skills. It will be an advantage if you can include an English language qualification in your CV.  Proof of your English language skills is also a part of the admission procedure if you decide to study at any London college or University. Even if you do not intend to stay in England, a certificate from a London language school will put you at an advantage when looking for employment in your home country.





Visit several colleges before you decide which one is suitable for you. Ask about fees, length of the course, different levels and exams. Many colleges offer special classes which cater specifically for students wanting to take an exam at the end of the course. Once you decide which college is suitable for you, you will be asked to take an entry language test. This is to put you in the level that is suitable for your language skills. However, if you find the level you were allocated too easy or too difficult speak to your teacher and you will be able to change.

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