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TU is an organisation which negotiates better working conditions with the employer on behalf of its members. This may include better pay, promotions, unfair dismissal, benefits, health and safety issues and others. Union members are workers and employees. If you want to join the union you can find the details in your employment handbook or on a notice board in your place of work or online. You can choose your own union and you can be a member of more than one.

How to become a member of TU
You will have to contact the union representative (union rep) and if you are eligible to join you fill in the membership form. You will be charged for your membership. The money is used to finance the work of the Union. Discuss the payment fees with the union rep before you sign up. Discuss any queries and concerns with your union rep. Union rep can also act as your witness in meetings with management.


Your employer does not need to know whether you are a union member or not.

Neither your employer nor agency can force you to change your membership, to leave the union or to join the union.

It is YOUR right to decide freely.


Where to find the right union for me
To get help choosing the union that is right for you call the TUC’s (Trade Union Congress) ‘Join a Union’ line 0870 600 4 882 (national rate, 8am – 9pm Monday – Friday, 9am – 5pm Saturday) or join online

Where to find help if I’m working within the agricultural sector
If you work in agriculture, rules and regulations slightly vary. Your working hours, rate of pay, holidays are set by the Agricultural Wages Board. For advice call agricultural wages helpline on 0845 0000 134.

What legal documents protect my rights
You are protected by law against discrimination on grounds of age, disability, marital status, race, nationality, religion, sex and sexual orientation by the EQUALITY ACT 2010.

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