What types of accommodation can I rent



In London, there are various types of accommodation available to rent. Usually they fall under these categories depending on size which then determines the price.



Single room

is a room for one person with one single bed in a house shared with other tenants renting rooms.

Double room

is also a room but larger in size with a double bed. A double room can be rented by one person or you can share it with your friend or a partner. You need to double check that with the landlord. Double rooms are a slightly more expensive than single rooms.


Bathroom, toilet and kitchen are shared with other tenants in the house/flat. You will have a key to your own room but the rest of the house is shared. In some houses you will have a living room that is also available to you to use but shared with other tenants.


Shared bathroom: In a shared house or a flat you will be sharing bathroom and toilet with other people. It is a good idea to have a wash bag where your keep all your bathroom toiletries and just take it with you when you go to the bathroom and take it back into your room once you have finished. That way you won’t have to worry that someone else is using your shampoo or toothpaste.

Don’t forget to include your own toilet paper and some cleaning wipes for a quick hygiene fix. If you’re sharing a small house or a flat the other tenants may agree on rotating who buys toilet paper each week. Also cleaning rotas may be set up and each week whereby a different person would be charge of cleaning. Always check how this works before you move in or as soon as you move in.


Shared kitchen: In the kitchen each tenant will most probably have their own shelf in a cupboard as well as their own shelf in the fridge. Fridge, microwave, oven, washing machine are usually provided by the landlord and are available for sharing. The tenant would clean up after themselves and additional cleaning rotas may be in place when each housemate cleans the whole kitchen once a week or so.

These arrangements vary from house to house. You should always ask to make sure you know the routine of the house and avoid unnecessary conflicts.

💷The bills are usually included in the rent and you won’t be asked to pay any extras on top of your rent. That however depends on the landlord and you may be asked to divide the bills among all the tenants in the house.



Always ask about the bills before you agree on the tenancy!



are like double rooms but also include a small kitchen with a few kitchen cupboards, sink, cooker, and fridge. The kitchen is not separated from the actual room it is part of the room. It is therefore more expensive to rent a bedsit than just a double room. Bedsits normally do not include bathroom or toilet facilities. These are shared with others in the house.

💷You will have to pay your own electricity bill and gas bill.



include small kitchen and also bathroom and toilet. However, the bathroom is usually small with only a shower and not a bath. The kitchen and sleeping/living area are on the same level and will unlikely be separated by a door. The storage space in studio flats is also quite limited. They are meant for one person but a couple can give it a go considering they don’t have too many things. Studio flats are usually furnished.

💷The bills are paid by the tenants on top of the rent. You will pay for your electricity, water, internet, etc. You will have to check this prior to renting as to avoid any surprises.



A one bedroom flat will have the living area and the bedroom separated by a door. A one bed flat should consist of one bedroom; kitchen and living area although these two can be in one room. This would be advertised as an open plan kitchen with living area. Bathroom and toilet facilities are also part of the flat. You will be responsible for your own bills which are usually excluded from the rent.

💷Bills may also include television licence, council tax as well as electricity, gas, water, internet etc. One/two bedroom flats can be furnished or unfurnished.





A Bed and breakfast (a B&B)

B&B is a great option if you’re visiting London for a few days and want to save money. B&B is cheaper than most London hotels. You will get a basic room and the price also includes breakfast to set you for the day of exploring or business.



This is a affordable if not the cheapest hotel chain in London. You will get a simple en-suite room. Price does not include breakfast and you will have to pay extra for Wi-Fi. The earlier you book to cheaper the room price. Always book online for the best price.



Another great option for a single traveller on a budget is to book a bed in a hostel, which is almost always cheaper than a hotel. The common layout consists of a big shared room with shared kitchen and washrooms. However, many hostels offer semi-private as well as private rooms so make sure you check before you book yourself in.


Short stay accommodation

You can rent a private apartment, studio, room or a flat on a short term basis. There are plenty of options available. Short stay usually refers to renting a property for a short period of time, usually between 1-6 months. Search for short stay accommodation in London and you choose your option.





generally a single story, low-rise detached house with a veranda. These are more common in North America and Australia.



a detached house is a single standing property, meaning it doesn’t share walls with any other house. It is more private and hence more expensive than say semi-detached house.



two houses joined together by a common wall, the other wall is detached. Often referred to as just ‘semi’



attached house share walls with other houses as if being attached to each other.



a terrace house is part of a long row of mostly identical houses sharing side wall with each other, in other words, terraced houses are all attached to each other, sharing common walls, apart from the first and the last house in the row. Those houses would be referred to as an ‘end of terrace house’



one side of the house is shared with another house in a row of houses. The other side of the house is detached.


Terraced house

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