What to look for when viewing a property



There are number of things you should check when viewing a property. Here is the list of some useful things to pay attention to and notice:

✔️check the storage space. Is there enough space for your clothes, toiletries, books?

✔️check if the (hot) water runs, if the radiators work, check if the windows open or lock, especially on the ground floor

✔️check the number and the positions of electric sockets; can you plug in all your appliances (laptop, TV, phone charger, kitchen appliances)

✔️check how secure the building feels; has it got a gate, is the front door secure and kept locked, look for other entrances how secure are these

✔️make note of electricity meters if you’re paying bills

✔️check heating and hot water (who controls it, any issues, restrictions)

✔️is there a washing machine (if not ask about the nearest launderette)

✔️check inventory if furnished

✔️where is the nearest bus stops, underground station, close amenities (shops, banks)



Remember this is your chance to ask anything you like before you make a commitment. Ask now rather than regret it later. Make a list of questions so you don’t forget.

❔1. Are bills included in rent? Are there any additional charges?

❔2. When do I pay rent? Every 2/4 weeks or on a particular date each month?

❔3. Is wi-fi (internet connection) available and Is it included in rent?

 If not how much extra do you charge?

❔4. Am I allowed to bring guests? Can I bring my partner?

❔5. Is it suitable for a couple?

❔6. Are pets allowed?

❔7. What if my family wants to come and visit? Do I have to pay extra?

❔8. Who do I contact in case of an emergency?

Ask for landlord’s phone number? (what if I lose my keys?)

❔9. What if I want to move out, what is the advanced notice that you require?

❔10. Ask what furniture is provided (wardrobe, bed, table, chairs)

❔11. Ask about washing machine or the nearest launderette

❔12. Other things you may want to check: number of tenants, garden, utility room

   (sharing a vacuum cleaner, ironing board, mop)




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