What to do when lost in London



1. Most bus shelters have maps as well as route details

2. Carry your phone charger with you as most coffee/fast food chains provide sockets available  for you to charge your mobile

3. You can hail a black cab



Transport for London runs a useful service, particularly if you find yourself lost in London, known as Cabwise. You can just text the word ‘HOME’ from your phone to 60835 and by using GPS you will receive a text with two numbers for a nearest minicab and one taxi number.

Save the number 60835 on your mobile phone under the name CAB and you will never have to worry about getting lost in London.

Alternatively, you can download a free app ‘cabwise’ available on iTunes or Google Play and store it on your iphone, ipod or ipad whichever one you carry around London with you.



to 6038 number

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