Probably the most popular language exam is the IELTS (International English Language Testing System). It is designed specifically for people who want to study or work in countries where English language is the primary or the official language of communication. IELTS is accepted by over 9,000 organisations worldwide!

The IELTS exam has two versions; the Academic and the General version.

If you wish to study at university in the UK or if you are a professional, such as a doctor or a nurse and want to practise in the UK you will want to take the Academic version. The Academic version of IELTS exam is also accepted by most Australian, New Zealand, Canadian, Irish, South African, and some US academic institutions.
If you wish to migrate to an English speaking country or for general purposes then the General version of the exam is your best option. Taking the IELTS exam is also one of the conditions for migration to Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


Your exam should not be older than two years from applying for a post or admission unless you can prove you have been taking additional steps in improving your English language skills.




The IELST exam (Academic and General) is divided into four parts;
1. listening – 30 minutes
2. reading – 60 minutes
3. writing – 60 minutes (2 pieces of writing i.e. essay, letter etc.)
4. speaking – 15 minutes (interview)

The entire exam lasts approximately 2 hours and 45 minutes.
The speaking part of the exam (which is about 11-15 minutes long) is usually taken separately on a different day from the other parts. Listening, reading and writing are taken on the same day and with no breaks in between.



IELTS results come in a form of a score. You will be awarded a score ranging from 1(non-user) to 9 (expert) points.




Every educational institution sets its own minimum admission score requirement. For example: the minimum score for admission to Oxford University is 7 but for the Essex university the minimum score is 5. Half points are also awarded.




Prices vary slightly but expect to pay around £135 and more.




Find your nearest IELTS centre, date of upcoming exam and price here.


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