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How to compare the Cambridge ESOL and IELTS results

Cambridge English offers exams to match all the levels on the CEFR chart. KEY (KET) exam is the equivalent of A1, A2 qualification. Preliminary (PET) exam means level B1. First Certificate (FCE) means your English ability is at level B2 which is higher independent user. Advanced (CAE) puts you in a category C1 referred to   Read More

How to describe my level of English

Learners of English can be formally divided into three main categories according to their language abilities; BASIC user (A) INDEPENDENT user (B) PROFICIENT user (C) These are further divided into six levels starting from the very basic level A1, continuing to A2, B1, B2, C1 with C2 being the highest level of proficiency. In order   Read More

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