You need a valid TV Licence if you use TV receiving equipment to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV. ‘TV receiving equipment’ means any equipment which is used to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV. This includes a TV, computer, mobile phone, games console, digital box, DVD/VHS recorder or any other device.”


ONE FEE COVERS ALL YOUR DEVICES and you will NOT have to pay separate licences for each device. The licence can be paid in full or in instalments. You can pay by using a debit or credit card and make a payment online. You can also use TV Licensing Payment Card at any PayPoint service. Find out more about PAYPOINT here.

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The standard fee for a colour TV  costs £147 per year


✔️If you live in a (self-contained) flat you will be most likely responsible for your own payments and registering.

✔️If you share a flat with other housemates, one licence will be paid and cost most likely divided among people living in the house. A TV licence is paid per household unless you have a separate entrance.

✔️If you live in a shared house, the landlord is most likely paying for a TV licence but it is in your own interest to check. In case the TV licence is not paid and you own a TV or a computer etc., you will put yourself at risk of being fined.


REMEMBER, it is illegal to avoid paying a TV licence.


✖️If you DO NOT OWN any of the above mentioned devices (such as TV, computer, mobile phone) you do not have to pay a TV licence

✖️Citizens aged 74 and above DO NOT have to pay.


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1. I don’t have a TV do I still have to pay?

You have to pay if you own any device which allows you to watch tv, so if you can watch tv on your laptop you must still pay TV licence.

2. What if I move house?

You receive a TV licence number which will be in your name, moving house will not affect your payments or responsibilities. You can move around as long as you’re paying your license you will be covered.

3. My partner used to pay for TV license but now we no longer live together

If the TV licence is in your partner’s name and you no longer share a household, you will have to apply for your own licence. You are no longer covered.

4. I can’t afford to pay for the fee in full and I don’t have a bank account yet. How can I pay?

You can pay by using the TV Licensing Payment Card. You can take this to any shop which accepts payments (newsagents in your area) and make your payment this way. 

These are general guidelines, for more information visit the official TV licence website, link provided above.



Last Updated: 2017

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