London Telephone Codes




There are several numbers you can call;

999 is the main EMERGENCY number

✔️you can call this number and you will be connected to the relevant department, either the police, ambulance, fire brigade, coastguard, etc.

✔️only use in a critical situation such as serious injury, accident, a crime in progress,

✔️calls are FREE and can be dialled from a locked phone.

✔️ works even if you don’t have credit on your phone

✔️works even if you don’t have signal (may even work without a SIM card)


112 is a EU EMERGENCY number but should also work WORLDWIDE

✔️you can use this number just as you would 999. Know which department you need before you dial (the police, fire brigade, ambulance, etc.)

✔️ you should be able to use this number from most countries in the world

✔️save this number if you’re visiting abroad

✔️calls are FREE and can be dialled from a locked phone



✔️Use for medical issues which are not life threatening, such as illness and minor injuries

✔️calls are FREE


101 is a NON-EMERGENCY POLICE number

✔️Use for situations where an immediate response is not necessary and your life is not in danger, i.e., crime is not currently in progress

✔️call for general enquiries, if you have information about a crime, something has been stolen or damaged, burgled etc.

✔️Calls cost 15p per call not per minute


HOW TO use telephone codes in London

The International country code for the United Kingdom is +44

London numbers have 11 digits including the dialling code.

London dialling codes are 0207 for central London and 0208 for outer London.

When calling from abroad add 0044 to the local number leaving out the first zero (0044 207 or 0044 208)

If you are making a call within London 020 dialling code can be left out and start with the digit 7 or 8 depending on the area of London.

Numbers beginning with 0800 and 0808 are free when dialled from a UK landline but not if dialled from a mobile phone.

Other numbers worth paying attention to are the ones beginning with 09 as they have an added surcharge and will therefore cost much more than an ordinary local number.

Many companies use 0844, 0845, 0870, 0871 numbers which are reduced rate numbers.

Mobile phone numbers begin with 07 followed by further nine digits.



and you will be connected to the relevant department whether it is the police, ambulance, fire brigade etc. The 999 number is free.

You can also dial 112 number which is also free.


Last updated: 2017

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