WHAT IS A COUNCIL TAX   It is a tax paid to local authorities for the property you own or rent. The pay is used to partially fund local services such as policing, rubbish collection, fire services, park maintenance.   The cost is determined by the size of the property and by the number of   Read More


“You need a valid TV Licence if you use TV receiving equipment to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV. ‘TV receiving equipment’ means any equipment which is used to watch or record television programmes as they’re being shown on TV. This includes a TV, computer, mobile phone, games console, digital   Read More

How to find a place to stay in an emergency

  WHAT TO DO IN AN EMERGENCY   1. If you find yourself on the street with very little or no money you can use your local library for free internet access to find yourself a place to stay. 2. Do not stay on the street as it is not safe 3. There are various   Read More

10 Important Points to Remember

1. DECIDE ON YOUR BUDGET   consider deposit, advanced rent, possible bills, moving cost, agency fees   2. KNOW YOUR NEEDS write down a list of priorities such as short travel to/from work, own bathroom, close to shops, station, storage …     3. BE SAFE take someone with you on viewings or at least let   Read More

How to move my belongings

HOW TO BOOK A TAXI WHEN MOVING If you only have a small number of bags or boxes to move you might consider booking a taxi or a minicab. Ask for a people carrier and say how many bags you have and the address from and where you’re going to and agree on a price.   Read More

What to look for when viewing a property

WHAT TO LOOK FOR There are number of things you should check when viewing a property. Here is the list of some useful things to pay attention to and notice: ✔️check the storage space. Is there enough space for your clothes, toiletries, books? ✔️check if the (hot) water runs, if the radiators work, check if   Read More

How to prepare for a property viewing

  WHY AND HOW TO PREPARE   When viewing a property with a private landlord, chances are they will have arranged a number of viewings. The best chance of you getting the property/room is if you come prepared. Do not rush the viewing, take your time, ask questions, and look around.   You should bring   Read More

How to enquire about renting a place

1. When looking for a place to rent you should wake up early as places, especially private, go fast. You want to be the first to call and the first one to do a viewing. This raises your chances of getting the desired place. 2. Looking for suitable accommodation can take time depending on how   Read More

How to/Where to Rent Summary

PRIVATE LANDLORD LETTING AGENCY COUNCIL/HOUSING ASSOCIATION Not a high sense of security private landlords are unregulated Greater sense of security follow code of practice People on low or no income, homeless, victims of domestic violence, single people with young children, people with disabilities and special needs… No fees Various fees apply: holding fees, non-refundable reference   Read More

How to rent a place to live

PRIVATE LANDLORD   WHY RENT WITH A PRIVATE LANDLORD   ADVANTAGES:   Possibly the main advantage is that you do not have to pay administration fees or agency fees which can be quite costly (see agency renting below). You will also avoid lengthy credit checks or background checks. Private landlords tend to be more lenient   Read More

Where to look for a place to live

HOW TO DECIDE ZONE AND BUDGET London is divided into 6 travel areas or zones. Zone 1 is the City or the centre of London and it is also the most expensive area to rent when looking for a place to live. Generally speaking, the further from zone 1 the cheaper the accommodation.  This is   Read More

What types of accommodation can I rent

  In London, there are various types of accommodation available to rent. Usually they fall under these categories depending on size which then determines the price.   SINGLE AND DOUBLE ROOMS Single room is a room for one person with one single bed in a house shared with other tenants renting rooms. Double room is   Read More


DO YOU KNOW WHAT IT MEANS? (advert example) Self-contained 1bed flat to let, avail. ASAP, suit young n/s young prof., no DSS, fully furnished, all mod cons, close to local amenities, rent £230 pw plus bills, non-negotiable, deposit and 4 weeks rent in advance required. video courtesy of ‘engVid’ via YouTube AGENCY the place is   Read More

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