How to travel to London City Airport (LCA)




London City Airport (LCA) is an international airport situated in East London in the Royal Docks and it is easily accessible by using public transport. Queen Elizabeth II officially opened LCA in November 1987. It is one of the smallest airports in London with one single runway.



How to travel to LCA by Docklands Light Railway (DLR)

DLR takes you directly to the airport terminal making it a convenient transportation.

The airport is in the Fare Zone 3 and you can use oyster card or purchase a single ticket. DLR is overground railway which runs across East London and is connected to the Underground system. This makes it easily accessible as well as cost effective as your underground tickets or oyster cards are transferable. Journey from Stratford station to the airport takes about 17 minutes.


How to travel to LCA by bus

Several buses from east London take you directly to the airport. Bus number 473 takes you from Stratford to the airport. Due to the recent construction work, buses are currently on diversion until 2015. You can use your oyster card or buy a single ticket on board. This makes it a very cost effective way of travelling to the airport considering you can handle your luggage.


How to travel to LCA by minicab or Black cab

For the most convenient travel, particularly if you carry large amount of luggage, you can always book a licensed minicab or taxi. Agree on price before you book it. Let the driver know how much luggage you have and how many passengers are travelling. Ask them to estimate how long the journey from your destination to the airport is, then book your pickup time accordingly. Prices depend on your location but travelling from North London takes approximately 30 minutes and cost from £30 one way.

You may have to book a minicab if you have several pieces of luggage or if you’re travelling at times when DLR or buses do not operate. Minicabs operate 24/7.


Visit the official London City Airport website for more information.

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