How to travel around London using Santander Cycles


SANTANDER CYCLE HIRE It is a self-service, bike-hiring scheme aimed at short bike rides around London. Hiring a bike is most cost-effective for journeys under 30 minutes.




In order to use the bikes you will have to pay an access fee and a usage charge with your credit/debit card either at the docking station (bike pickup) or online. Cash payments are NOT available at present.  After you insert you payment card. you will get a release code which will allow you to take a bicycle.

You might benefit from becoming a member if you wish to use the service on a regular basis.

Santander bike



If you only need to make a short journey which will last under 30 minutes (from picking up the bike to putting it back) you will only have to pay an access fee and no usage charge. You can hire a bike from as little as £2.

Hiring a bike costs £2

The first 30 minutes are free of charge

Every additional time period up to 30 minutes cost £2

For example: If you hire a bike and ride for 2hours around London you’ll pay; £2 for accessing +first 30 minutes are free + £2 for additional 1hr30min (£6) = you end up paying £8 for your 2 hour bike ride


If you damage a bike or don’t return it, you could be charged up to £300! Late returns  also carry an additional charge!




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Last Updated: 2016

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