How to plan a journey around London


Using an online Journey Planner, provided by the Official London Transport website, City Mapper APP or a tourist map are helpful tools for planning your journey around London or for planning your own sightseeing experience on a budget.



HOW TO USE Journey Planner

will show results relevant to your journey, as well as how long your journey will take.You can plan your journey here just type in your current destination and the destination you wish to travel to.



HOW TO USE City Mapper

is another helpful tool in planning any type of journey around London (click the icon at the top of the page). It is a free app and covers everything you need to know about your journey;

img_13151. DestinationType in your address and the address or a place you want to visit. For example from Camden to Covent Garden. You do not need to know the exact postcode or a street name.

2. Transport: CityMapper will immediately find the best travel option for you. You can chose to travel by foot, bus, train or underground or a combination of few if necessary. If you choose walking you will be given the approximate amount of calories you could burn taking your journey.

3. Timetable: You will see how long it is going to take you to get to your destination so you can plan ahead. The app also provides information about your next bus or train and

4. Price: You will also see how much your journey is going to cost. This way you can choose what transport is most affordable for you. On top of all this using City Mapper is free!

5. Log in and Print:  You can print your route and take it with you so you don’t have to worry about getting lost. You can also create a log in password and sync all the information with your phone app. This way you can save all your favourite journeys.

HOW TO TRAVEL during the FESTIVE season


CHRISTMAS EVE (24th December)

Buses: no night service, buses do not operate after midnight on this day

Tube: early finish at around 23.30 for last tube, no Night Tube

CHRISTMAS DAY (25th December)

No public transport runs on this day

Black cabs: charge extra £4 per journey

BOXING DAY (26th December)

Buses: check Sunday timetable; buses run as they would on a Sunday

Tube: first train starts later at around 7:45am, use Sunday timetable

            District, Circle, Bakerloo, Waterloo&City lines are closed

London Overground: no service

Taxis: extra charge of £4 per journey

NEW YEAR’S EVE (31st December)

Free travel between 23:45 – 4:30 on all TFL (Transport for London network)

 including buses, tube, overground,…

Taxis: extra charge of £4 per journey after 20:00

NEW YEAR’S DAY (1st January)

Buses: check Sunday timetable, buses run as they would on a Sunday

Tube: check Sunday timetable after 12.00

Taxis: extra charge of £4 per journey

January 2nd

Buses: check Sunday timetable, buses run as they would on a Sunday

Tube: check Saturday timetable, tube runs as it would on a Saturday

Taxis: extra charge of £4 per journey until 06:00

January  3rd

Service on public transport returns back to normal.


For more information visit the Official Transport for London website. The following video courtesy of TFL.




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