How to pay for a bus fare


Bus fares do NOT differentiate between ‘peak’ or ‘off peak’ journeys. Fare zones also do NOT apply when travelling by bus. What this means is, you will always pay the same price for a single journey no matter the time of your travel or the distance. As of August 2014 cash is no longer accepted on London buses.




You can pay for your bus fare by using:

1. Oyster Card  (Visitor’s Oyster Card)

2. Contactless Bank Card;

> All American Express contactless payment cards will be accepted

> Only some non-UK cards issued as Visa, Mastercard, or Maestro will be accepted

If you have a bank card which includes the contactless feature, you can use it on London buses as if you would an Oyster Card. Simply touch the card reader and a single bus fare will be deducted from your card.

3. Alternatively, you can purchase One Day Bus Pass or a Paper Day Travelcard, both to be used  as a Day Bus Pass, available from station ticket machines. These options were re-introduced on 2 January 2015.




Single oyster pay as you go costs £1.50.

You will never spend more than £4.50 on a bus fare no matter how many journeys you take in one day. This sum is the current daily cap on oyster card bus journeys, which means that the sum of £4.50 will be the maximum cost deducted from your oyster card in one day. Weekly cap is  £21.20 which applies only for contactless payment.

One Day Bus Pass is £5.00

7 Day Bus Pass is £21.20

Monthly Bus Pass is £81.50

Annual Bus Pass is £848

Good news: Most fares in London are frozen until 2020 which means that the prices on most of London transport will not change for the next 3 years.


The HOPPER FARE was introduced on London buses in September 2016. You can now make 2 bus journeys for the price of one.  What this means is if you take a second bus within 60 minutes of taking the first bus, you will not be charged for your second journey. You must remember to use the same card for both journeys and the free fare will be applied automatically.

1. use your card for the first bus

2. take second bus within 60 minutes

3. use the same card

4. discount will be applied automatically


DO NOT carry all your cards (oyster, bank cards, store cards, any other electronic cards) in one pouch as this may prevent the reader from registering your oyster card.

What is more, the reader could deduct money from your contactless bank card as well as your oyster card!

What is an Oyster Card, how to use it, where to get it, how to register click here.


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