How to move my belongings



If you only have a small number of bags or boxes to move you might consider booking a taxi or a minicab. Ask for a people carrier and say how many bags you have and the address from and where you’re going to and agree on a price. You can call several taxi services and you can always call back to the one that quoted the lowest price. It is a good idea to book a taxi at the very least a day before your move to make sure the people carrier is available. Booking a taxi may work out cheaper than renting a van.




If you’re moving large items such as pieces of furniture, you will need to book a van with a removal company. When calling a removal company, ask whether they have insurance covering any potential damage to your belongings. Removal companies will give you a free quote if you describe precisely what items you’re moving and give a postcode from and where you’re moving to. Call several companies to compare the quotes however, if the quote is suspiciously low be aware as you want to make sure your belongings will be looked after in a professional manner.

It is advisable to book a van several weeks prior to your move and try to avoid moving on a Friday or at the weekend as these are usually the busiest times. Also some removal companies may charge extra if moving on a Sunday or for a last minute move. If you’re a student always insist on a discount and even if you’re not, ask if you can get a discount if you pay by cash.


Give your landlord sufficient notice when you decide to move out. Do this in writing and keep a copy for yourself.

Make sure you clean the property and repair any damage. This will guarantee you get your deposit back.

Leave enough time for packing and for booking a van.

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