How to find a place to stay in an emergency





1. If you find yourself on the street with very little or no money you can use your local library for free internet access to find yourself a place to stay.

2. Do not stay on the street as it is not safe

3. There are various organisations that will help and provide you with a bed for the night or longer if needed.

4. These are some useful websites that will help you find a place to stay in case of an emergency: SHELTER, CRISIS or HOMELESSUK  which also provides information for foreign nationals in need of accommodation including a section on your rights.

5. contact your Housing Association, which is a private non-profit making organisation that helps in providing housing for people in need. This includes people on low income, victims of domestic violence, homeless people etc.

Housing Associations operate on a waiting list basis giving priority to people who are most in need. Saying so, you can sign yourself up with more than one housing association and be on several waiting lists at the same time. You normally apply for your interview with a housing association through your local COUNCIL.

  0808 800 4444




You do not need to be sleeping on the street to be considered homeless by a council. There are many reasons why a council could treat you as homeless and hopefully help to better your current situation. See examples below. You must have a right to live in the UK.

▪️if you don’t have a place to stay at all

▪️If you’re facing eviction or repossession

▪️if you’ve been illegally evicted or locked out

▪️If you cant afford your rent, food, bills due to current change of circumstances

▪️If your family or friends you’ve been living with asked you to leave

▪️If you live in unsafe, bad conditions

▪️If you’re at risk of violence, pshychological abuse, domestic violence

▪️if you’re staying at a temporary accommodation





If your budget is limited and you need accommodation for a few days and find hotels too expensive, you may want to consider finding a hostel. Hostels provide bed (might be a bunk bed), although rooms are usually shared with others. These can be mixed (male females together) or separated (only males, only females). You can have a private room which will then workout more expensive also you might have to pay for any beds within the room you’re renting as private.

Bathroom facilities are also shared. Some hostels also provide cheap food and even shared social rooms to watch TV, borrow and read books. It is quite common for travelers, short term students or foreign workers to stay in hostels. Some hostels provide long term accommodation.



B&B is another option if you have more money to spend as this temporary accommodation is generally more expensive than a hostel.

This is a good option if you have a family.



If you are a woman who’s experiencing domestic violence and needs to find alternative place to stay. Generally, women’s refuge addresses and phone numbers are kept secret for safety reasons. You can find a refuge using the Women’s Aid directory. 

You can bring your children with you, and most places allow you to stay as long as you need, male visitors are not allowed, check with the refuge.

You will be charged rent, unless you have a hosing benefit which will cover the cost fully. You may apply for housing benefit from the refuge. There will be trained staff available to help you with emotional and financial issues.


0808 2000 247

Free 24hr National Domestic Violence Helpline






Last updated: 2017

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