How to enquire about renting a place



When looking for a place to rent you should wake up early as places, especially private, go fast. You want to be the first to call and the first one to do a viewing. This raises your chances of getting the desired place.


Looking for suitable accommodation can take time depending on how much effort you put into it and also on the availability. Do not leave it to the last minute. Also bear in mind that some places may not be available immediately and you might have to wait up to four weeks to move in.


When you start making enquires, be prepared to travel that day to do a viewing. Have a map and a travel card ready. It is advisable to have someone travelling to viewing with you just to be safe. If you can’t find anyone to come with you, at least tell someone where you are going. Use your instincts. If you feel uncomfortable leave!


If you find an advert which interests you and you decide to make a call there are a few things you should ask:

Firstly, say that you saw their advert for renting and that you are interested in the property. Ask if the property is still available and if so ask a few questions about the property. You can always ask more questions when you go to view the property. Write down a few pointers and then carry it with you to viewings.


how many rooms are there •if you are a couple ask if it is suitable for a couple •how much the rent is and if the bills are included in the rent • how much is the deposit • when is the property available to move into •say a few things about yourself; if you’re new to London explain that to the landlord •say what you’re doing where you work •describe your character in a few words such as being clean, quiet, responsible, non-smoker what to look for and ask when viewing a property 




Write your questions on a piece of paper so you do not forget what you want to say! You are going to ask the same questions every time you call someone so it’s a good idea to have them prepared.


Arrange a viewing as soon as possible. The sooner you go and view the place the greater the chance of you coming to an agreement. You can arrange several viewings on the same day preferably within the same area. This way you will make the most of your time and travel.

If you do not make the agreement do not despair as new adverts are always added on a daily even hourly basis. Do not rush your decision as you want to find a place which you can afford and where you feel safe and comfortable living.


See our GLOSSARY of terms and vocabulary especially designed for renting a place.

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