How to apply for a loan


There is no deadline for part-time students but full-time students should apply within 9 months of starting the course.
Apply for your loan early if you want the loan before the start of the academic year. Check here for deadlines.

The amount you receive varies, but full-time students may receive up to £9,000 and part-time students up to £6,750 per academic year.

EEA (EU) students are eligible for any other type of loans but terms and conditions apply. If you are a full-time student it is worth trying to apply for a grant. A grant does not have to be paid back. It is highly important to consider the cost of the university as well as the cost of living before you apply to study at London University. (video courtesy of Student Finance England)

You can apply online or you might have to download a form and send it by post.For more information visit GOV.UK.



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