How much are university fees


University fees are divided into two main categories; (1) home fees and (2) overseas fees.

1. Home fees

apply to UK and EEA nationals (including Switzerland) and are generally cheaper than overseas fees. UK and EEA nationals (and the Swiss) pay tuition fees of around £9,000 per year. The cost of fees vary according to university and the chosen course of study. EEA nationals studying full-time or part-time can apply for a tuition loan which must be paid back. Tuition loans are paid directly to the university you will not receive the money personally.

Tuition Fee Loan Academic Year 2017/2018:

Full Time Loan up to £9,250

Part time Loan up to Up to £6,935

Living Cost

If you’ve lived in the UK for more than 5 years before the first day of your first academic year, you may apply for help with your living cost.

2. Overseas fees

apply to non-UK nationals and nationals from outside the EEA (or Switzerland)
International students (non-UK nationals and nationals from outside EEA or Switzerland) will have to pay overseas fees which can be anything from £9,000 to £26,000 per year depending on the chosen degree and university.

Furthermore, international students are expected to provide evidence of financial documents proving to have access to at least £800 a month for living costs during their studies.

Mentioned sums are approximate and only to be used as a guide.

For more information visit UK Council for International Student Affairs



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