Useful Websites and Sources

NHS website where you can search for health advice, health and emergency services, care and support and more Citizens Advice Bureau official website  for advice on healthcare, patients’ rights, how to register with a GP and more.

What to expect when visiting a hospital

On arrival to hospital the hospital staff will decide whether you pay for your treatment. This generally depends on whether you are EEA or Switzerland national or from overseas. Another factor is your country of residence for the past twelve months. The hospital’s overseas visitors team will conduct a short interview and decide whether you   Read More

Where to get treatment if I don’t have a doctor

  WHAT IS a WALK-IN CLINIC Walk-in clinics provide free and convenient basic medical care on a drop-in basis.They are open to anyone who comes in, without the need to register or pay. Most clinics are open 365 days a year. These clinics offer free treatments for minor injuries and illnesses such as; ▪️infections and   Read More

How to register with NHS

WHAT IS the NHS the NHS or the National Health Service is publicly funded national health care system for England. It is one of the oldest and the largest single-payer healthcare systems in the world funded directly from taxation. the NHS provides the majority of healthcare in England   WHAT ARE THE 3 CORE PRINCIPLES OF   Read More

How to register with a doctor

WHAT IS a GP General Practicioner or a GP is a doctor in your local area. They have their own practice outside of the hospital. GPs provide general health care and advice and if they are unable to help they will refer you to another professional or to a hospital for specifcic tests or treatments.   Read More


WHAT DOES IT MEAN   GP – general practice/your local doctor Inpatient – patient hospitalised for more than 24 hours NHS– National Health Service/publicly funded health care system in the UK Outpatient – patient who does not require overnight stay at the hospital   video courtesy of ‘Learn English with Let’s Talk’ via YouTube     Read More

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