London Telephone Codes

  WHO TO CALL IN AN EMERGENCY There are several numbers you can call; 999 is the main EMERGENCY number ✔️you can call this number and you will be connected to the relevant department, either the police, ambulance, fire brigade, coastguard, etc. ✔️only use in a critical situation such as serious injury, accident, a crime   Read More

Conversion Chart

METRIC vs IMPERIAL SYSTEM   Most nations use the metric system (meters, kilograms) as a system of measurements unlike Britain and Canada which use the imperial system. The imperial system is also known as British Imperial and it has been in use in the British Isles since 1824 with some adjustments and changes. What this   Read More

London Time/Time Zone

LONDON TIME CHANGE    London is on GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) during the winter months and on BST (British Summer Time) during the summer months. What this means is that from late March to late October, clocks are set forward 1 hour which corresponds to the CET (Central European Time). Clocks then move 1 hour   Read More

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