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Useful Websites and Sources

Main Source For International Money Transfer: Source and Comparison website: the money supermarket website Glossary Source: The Money Advice Service: Citizens Advice Bureau: The UK Council for International Student Affairs (UKCISA) Advice line: 020 7107 9922 (Monday to Friday 13.00 – 16.00)

Where to find Bureau de Change

BUREAU DE CHANGE   Bureau de Change or Bureaux de Change stands for Currency Exchange. This French expression has been adapted across Europe and it is commonly used in Britain. It is a place of business/service where you can exchange one currency for another. You will find many of these all across London. Bureaux de   Read More

How to send money abroad

Image courtesy of HOW TO SEND MONEY ABROAD If you want to send money abroad there are several factors to consider; how much are you sending, how soon you need the money to reach, how often will you be transferring. The main two factors which are going to affect the cost are: (1) fees   Read More

What is the difference between a Basic Account and Current Account

BASIC ACCOUNT You will get a bank card to use in a cash machine to withdraw money or check your balance You can receive money directly into your account You can make payments from your account You can set up direct debit and standing orders You can make payments in shops (only with the bank   Read More

How to open a bank account

Also featured in September Money edition of run by Beverly Ross, under the section Business   WHERE TO GO and WHAT TO BRING   If you want to open a bank account, visit your local branch of a chosen bank. You will be asked to provide two types of documents in order to;  (1)   Read More

What is the local currency?

The Royal Mint websiteDespite the UK being part of the EU, the British currency is not Euro but a pound sterling abbreviated as GBP (Great British Pound); the sign ‘£ ‘ always comes before the amount (£200, £1.50). All British bank notes bear the Queen’s portrait on one side and a prominent figure in the British history on   Read More


WHAT DOES IT MEAN   ATM – Automated Teller Machine also referred to as ‘hole in the wall’ or cash machine – ATM allows you to check your account or to take money out. Some ATMs offer additional services such as printing a mini statement, buying a phone credit, changing your PIN number etc. Some   Read More

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